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Mrs. Bee, New York Age and Occupation: 29, Weddingbee Publisher Fiance's Age and Occupation: 33, Internet Engagement Date: May 7, 2004 Wedding Date: March 5, 2005 Venue: Westside Loft, New York About Me: Yes, my name really is Bee! I love my blogging, wikis, and tabasco sauce!
About Mrs. Bee

Weddingbee PRO

December 5th, 2009 @ 12:21 am by Mrs. Bee

I’m scheduled to go into labor next week, so we’re going to put PRO on ice for a while!

In the meantime, I wanted to thank all of our wonderful PROs!!!   I feel close to you guys…  I’ve met so many of you over the years, and really believe in what you do!

And I have projects planned with a bunch of PROs too!

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Amelia & Justin @ Amelia Lyon Photography's Picture
Amelia & Justin Lyon, Orange County Vendor: Photographer Website: Amelia Lyon Photography About Me: Hi, I am Amelia. I like to dance and sing my heart out in the car. My family has been in the wedding industry for 3 generations. Being the first photographer in the family, it has given me a unique perspective on how to keep things fresh and fun! Hello, I am Justin. I like to play Ping-Pong, and I too like to dance. Being a film and TV producer by trade, I am obsessed with finding the story that every image has to tell. Collectively we are wedding, portrait and music photographers. Now that we've started to tell you our story, why don't you let us capture yours?
About Amelia & Justin @ Amelia Lyon Photography

Wendy + Sunup were married on October 3rd. While Justin was unavailable that day, I brought out the lovely and very talented Denise Bovee to second shoot with me. Wendy + Sunup, or should I say “Wenup” (what is this? scroll down and you’ll see) were super sweet and beyond happy on this big day. You can see their happiness is very obvious and very apparent in their images!

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Sarah Parrott, Rhode Island Vendor: Invitation Designer Website: Parrott Design Studio About Me: I am the designer & printer behind Parrott Design Studio, specializing in custom letterpress and screen printed wedding and event invitations, stationery, and paper goods. With a background in non-profit marketing & art history, I began the studio in 2006 in my small apartment in Providence, RI. Since then I have moved to a studio built my fiancé, acquired a Golding Jobber letterpress, & have been happily printing ever since. I grew up in Portland, Maine, and I have always had an affinity for the ocean, mountains, birds, gardening, & the simple life. When I am not printing, I can be found somewhere outside with my fiancé & playful pup.
About Sarah @ Parrott Design Studio

I would love to take a little vacation to Italy right about now. Europe around the holidays sounds lovely. Next spring, Jamie and her fiance are getting married on a vineyard in Gaiole in Chianti, Italy at Castello di Meleto. It just sounds romantic, no?


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Emilie @ Emilie Inc. Photography's Picture
Emilie Sommer, Portland, Maine Vendor: Photographer Website: Emilie Inc. About Me: Emilie earned a degree in photojournalism from Syracuse University and worked at USA Today and The Washington Post in Washington, DC, before opening her wedding photography studio, emilie inc, in Portland, Maine. She loves all the intricate details involved in planning, the warm fuzzy feeling about two people in love and freezing those moments in time in a photograph. It’s a contagious dancing-through-daisies kind of good feeling. She also started the Roots Workshop, the directory News Wedding Photographers and the non-profit Pink Initiative
About Emilie @ Emilie Inc. Photography

emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and J
ceremony: Hawksnest Beach St John, USVI
officiant: Mary Bartolucci Island Style Weddings
steel pan: Lem Callwood
florist: Susan Pratt Passion Flower
hair/make-up: Michelle Grapevine Salon
transportation: Slimo’s Limo
dress: Jacqueline Exclusive Madeleine’s Daughter Portsmouth, NH
suit: Calvin Klein

Mainers Jennifer and Steve opted to forgo traditional wedding plans and eloped on the beach instead in St. John. And they brought us along!

Jennifer works at the Pottery Barn where I spent my first winter in Maine, helping furnish my house and meet some new people. The employees have remained friends of mine ever since, and when they heard Jennifer talking about the possibility of a St John ceremony, they directed her my way. Initially, she and her now-hubby Steve hired us to photograph their upcoming New Year’s Eve party to celebrate their nuptials with family and friends here in Portland. But over a pint and conversation at Gritty’s Pub about our own recent St. John wedding, it was decided we would go along and document the adventure for them in November, too.

How they met, in Jenn’s words:
Our shared passion for University of Maine hockey brought Steve and I together. We first met four years when we were both season ticket holders and had seats in neighboring sections. I would often catch Steve stealing glances and flashing me that big beautiful smile. We never actually spoke until the end of the season, when we found ourselves sitting in the same row at the hockey championship in Boston. It was just a brief hello and an exchange of names but that was all and the season ended. When the new season began seven months later, I looked for Steve at every game but he no longer had those assigned seats and I never saw him once that year. That is, until I found myself at the same hockey tournament in Boston and as I walked into the pre-game pep rally, he was the first person I saw. This time we exchanged phone numbers, had our first date the following day and the rest is history :)

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Patrick Moreau, Toronto Vendor: Cinematographer Website: Still Motion About Me: For far too long, wedding videography has been seen as a medium with debatable value and little artistic merit. I think a wedding film should be fun, quirky, romantic, and really reflect two people and their coming together. It should grab you in the first few seconds, shake you throughout, and leave you with a lingering impression. I am 1/3 of the cinematography team at StillMotion, along with Michael and Konrad. With a background in psychology and no formal training in film + video, I've been completely self taught and look to use my background to add more meaning to our films and the experience of creating them. I hope our art can inspire you like our brides inspire us.
About patrick

Michael + Chrystalle

December 3rd, 2009 @ 5:11 pm by Patrick Moreau @ Still Motion

When it comes to wedding coverage, whether it is photo or cinema, why is it just one day? Wor obvious reasons, the wedding day itself has tremendous value, but why do we limit ourselves to just that?

We often cover the bride and groom preparing things, such as presents or their vows, the morning of the wedding. Something has always irked with the timing of it all. Let’s say Chrystalle decides to write her vows to Michael the morning of the wedding. That is something that we would certainly focus on and would potentially be a big part of their SDE or main feature (assuming it meant something to them). But what if Chrystalle decides to put together her vows the day before the wedding // does it not have just as much meaning? Does it not contribute to the story just as much?

There are so many details that go into every wedding, but we often only see them when they come together. Before the bride can put on the dress, she had to go shopping, choose the right one, and go for several dress fittings. Each and every detail has a similar story. As story tellers, we started feeling like we were only capturing the tip of the iceberg and leaving so much behind.

With that the idea of Michael + Chrystalle’s film was born. We always ask ourselves // what do we not see at every single wedding we shoot? As we look at our own paradigms, one of the biggest things we never considered was why we weren’t looking beyond the wedding day itself.

Over a tasty east Asian inspired Indian lunch, we started plotting with Michael and Chrystalle. The idea for their film was rather simple. The execution of it, as is often the case, wasn’t nearly as straightforward as we had originally thought.

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Kristy Rice, Pennsylvania Vendor: Invitation Artist Website: Momental Designs About Me: I remember drawing by flashlight way past my bedtime as a young child – I never stopped. For me creating art is not an act but a lifestyle. I am passionate about creating moments on paper, my home, loving my hubby and believe you can never have too many fantastic handbags.
About Kristy @ Momental Designs

Fruit and veggies have long been a staple in wedding decor. From submerged fruit centerpieces to pomegranate place cards, we have seen it all. A new trend is emerging though, where fruit details are seen in fashion and stationery and not as diminutive accents, but as powerful punches of color and shape.

Take this stunning cake by Flour Girls and Dough Boys. The lovely shape of pears is used to balance the angular cake layers. Kenneth Jay Lane’s apple pendant would be a perfect layering piece for the daring bride looking to add a touch of playfulness to her wedding day jewelry choices. Judith Leiber’s pear and apple clutches would add that wow touch to a simple attendant gown.


Vintage fabrics can be found just about anywhere. A quick trip to your local antique shop should uncover fabrics perfect for a photo booth backdrop or buffet table covering.

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Wiley Valentine, California Vendor: Invitations and Paper Products Website: Wiley Valentine About Me: Wiley Valentine is named for our artistic grandmothers, Mary Wiley and Norma Jean Valentine. Our company is 4 years old and growing strong. We specialize in invitations, stationery, and all sorts of paper delights. We love the forest, vintage books, thunder storms, butterflies, fairy tales and the smell of rain. We strive to think of our environment first when creating our paper products, and only use 100% recycled or 100% cotton papers.
About wileyvalentine

Curiouser and Curiouser

December 3rd, 2009 @ 2:58 pm by Wiley Valentine

Our very own Lauren, aka production princess, visited NYC recently and brought me back some fabulous news. The Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows this year are Alice in Wonderland themed!! Oh my how I wish I was in NYC! If you haven’t had the pleasure of being in the city for the holiday season, the 5th avenue shops go all out (that is an understatement) on their holiday windows. It is a true artform, and this year (as with many years) Bergdorf’s windows are the most amazing!


The detail work that goes into these windows is absolutely gorgeous and unbelievable. Oh how I would love to see the sketches/inspiration boards that led up to these designs.

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Kristin Brancaleone, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Vendor: Floral Designer Website: The Treasured Petal About Me: The Treasured Petal is a reflection of my love for scrumptious flowers, yummy textures, colors, ribbons, and all the other girly splurges that being a florist allows me to enjoy on a daily basis. Although I don't discriminate when it comes to flowers, my two favorites would have to be cattleya orchids and gloriosa lilies, which I carried in a ginormous bouquet on my wedding day. When I'm not crafting wedding florals and consulting with brides, I am usually at the dog park with my dogs Pesto and Basil, cooking healthy vegan dinners, watching Seinfeld with my husband Joe, at Bible study, or scouring craigslist for antique furniture to fill up my new house. I am also kind of a home-body and really love sipping tea in my pajamas while working my way down my google reader blog list!
About thetreasuredpetal

Sultry Spanish Details

December 3rd, 2009 @ 1:53 pm by Kristin @ The Treasured Petal

What a treat! Last week I received a disc of images from super talented Jeff of Jeffrey Neal Photography.  I promised more details from this Casa Romantica wedding, so here you go!

Barbara’s bouquet- sexy, sexy!


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Joe @ Joe Simon Wedding Films's Picture
Joe Simon, Austin, TX Vendor: Videography Website: Joe Simon Wedding Films About Me: We love to film, travel and meet new people, and somehow we stumbled into the most amazing job that lets us do all this! I'm Joe Simon, and I run Joe Simon Wedding Films based in Austin Texas. This upcoming year will mark my 10th year of wedding filmmaking. We have been blessed to be able to shoot with couples that are fans of our work, and they continue to inspire us to create awesome films.
About Joe @ Joe Simon Wedding Films

On November 11th we boarded the Sea Dream yacht in Puerto Rico for Kim and Adam’s wedding; what a treat we were in for. I was first contacted by Adam to film their wedding just a few weeks earlier. He had seen a Cinevate ad that featured us in DV magazine and decided to contact us. Before we knew it, we were on the way to Puerto Rico!

We sailed from Puerto Rico to St. John overnight and woke up with the amazing scenery of the Virgin Islands. The wedding and reception were held on the Sea Dream yacht as it was anchored just off the shores of St. John.

Kim and Adam are a super cool couple from New York that wanted to have a wedding that was unique and different. The Sea Dream made for an amazing backdrop to host their wedding with 100 of their closest family and friends. The food was amazing - every meal offered something different but it was all to die for. Lobster, steak, mango jerk chicken and roasted duck are just a few of the savory courses that were offered.

Festivo handled the flowers and decor settings, creating a fun and tropical vibe for each location on the boat. Mary Bartolucci with Island Style Weddings did an amazing job of keeping the party going and making sure everything was perfect. And Table 4 Photography and I had a great time capturing everything as it happened!

The ceremony was held on the back deck - it rained at the beginning of the day but then became perfect for the ceremony. It ended with “mazeltov!” and on to the dinner portion of the reception.

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Anne Ruthmann, New England Occupation: Photographer Website: Anne Ruthmann Photography About Me: Things that make me happy: old people getting crazy on the dance floor, world travel, hello hugs & goodbye kisses, cultural celebrations, acoustic live music, indie handmade crafts, cinema, environmental protection, diversity, the sound of nature, authenticity, white water rafting, discovering artists, photographing people in love. Things that bore me: bland food, celebrity gossip, negativity, fake anything, waiting in lines, egotism.
About anneruthmann

Over a year ago, I was contacted by the delightful Bee Kim, founder of Weddingbee- where many brides blog about their journey through wedding planning all in one place! I thought the blog was the best thing since happy meals, so when she asked me to become the first photographer blogger on a new blog dedicated to wedding professionals, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Since today is the official 1 year anniversary of the Weddingbee Pro launch, I thought I’d share a little about my journey of being a featured blogger.

I knew Weddingbee was big, but I didn’t realize what kind of spotlight I’d be under when I joined Weddingbee Pro - to me it was just another opportunity to help brides on a larger scale- but I quickly found that it elevated me to a status I wasn’t quite ready to handle, especially after having the busiest year of my business on top of moving to a new city. I felt really guilty when I had to take an extended break from blogging and social media, just months after the Pro blog launched, in order to catch up on all the private parts of my life that had slipped through my hands over the last couple of years while my business was taking off like crazy. I had been trying to do everything myself, which I now realize is impossible if you actually want to be successful. However, I’m so grateful that taking time off allowed room for so many other wonderful photographers to become featured bloggers. Weddingbee Pro has become a collection of some of the most talented, thoughtful, humble, and loving wedding professionals in the industry and I’m so glad that I get to be included in that bunch of people.

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