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Laura Hooper, Northridge, CA Vendor: Calligraphy Website: Laura Hooper Calligraphy About Me: I've been practicing the art of calligraphy since the age of 12 and nothing gives me more pleasure than waking up each morning knowing I get to do what I do each day. I love having the ability to infuse my own personal style into each of my bride's special day. When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading and painting; but most of the time I don't consider calligraphy to be work at all!
About Laura @ Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Signs, Signs, Signs!

January 28th, 2009 @ 6:28 pm by laurahooper

If you want a creative way to tell your guests what’s happening in each area of your venue, you can try something like these cool signs we wrote on for one of Rebecca Stone’s couples. Calligraphed on black, chalkboard-like pieces in white paint, these signs can make a stunning addition to your decor. For more on this wedding, please visit Rebecca’s blog.

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Jerry Yoon, San Francisco Vendor: Photographer Website: Jerry Yoon Photography About Me: Gone are the days of being stuck with boring wedding photography, where everyone and everything looks like the same old photographer took it. We're not here to please your mom. We want to rock your socks off with imagery that explodes off the page and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. We're inspired by who you are and not what others think you should be. Playwright, architect, nuclear scientist, tax man, dance machine, burly construction man, blog stalker. We take them all. Can't wait to jump into the pool together and make something your kindergarten teacher would be proud of!
About jerryyoon

As I’m writing this I’m getting many flashbacks of my college days living with Tony in our nasty apartment. There were many moments shared between us that is best not revealed on the internets. I will leave it at that.

Tony and I have very similar senses of humor that falls very flat with our significant others. I’m sure millions of girlfriends can relate. We always take unfunny jokes to another level and then laugh all that much harder, while our girlfriends just stare and roll their eyes. So putting us together leads to an exponential magnification of jokes that only 12 yr old boys can appreciate. Well, needless to say, this led to good times.

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Sabrina & Eunice Moyle, San Francisco, CA Vendor: Invitations & Stationery Website: Hello! Lucky About Me: We (sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle) started Hello!Lucky in 2003 out of Eunice's garage with a hand-cranked Vandercook printing press. Since then we've created whimsical stationery and greeting card designs for almost every occasion, including wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you notes, and a line of hilarious sock monkey cards! We love crafting, flea marketing, fashion, travel, and all things paper. We're based San Francisco with a studio in London, so we're immersed in design trends from around the world!
About Sabrina & Eunice @ Hello! Lucky

Nest cover banner

It feels totally crazy and surreal, but my house was featured in November’s Nest magazine.

First page

Shooting the article was so much fun - we had incredible team of creative folks to work with, including stylist Anthony Albertus, writer Riann Smith, photographer David A. Land and stylists Yael Gitai and Racine Christensen along with The Nest’s wonderful creative director Lisa Aelion.
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Leigh Miller, Coronado, CA Vendor: Photographer Website: Leigh Miller Photography About Me: People often ask me how I got my start in wedding photography. The truth is i fell into it. Almost by accident. But after my first wedding I was sold. I moved full force ahead. And within a year I went full-time leaving behind my life as a therapist and social worker. And the rest, as they say, is history. In November I celebrated my 3rd year of being a full-time photographer! Today, I feel so blessed to get to do something I love and to work with amazing couples all over the country and world! I have traveled to the Bahamas, Jamaica, all over Mexico and all the way to England to shoot weddings. I live in southern California with my husband, two sons, two really loud birds and a short, fat yellow lab named Mrs. Jones. All, at various times, make an appearance on my blog.
About leighmiller

Mindy & Tim

January 28th, 2009 @ 3:00 pm by Leigh @ Leigh Miller Photographer

are helping me get over my fear of cats! Yes it’s probably a little known fact, but I have cat issues. After this session I’m feeling much less terrified of the fanged creatures. ;) But seriously, I had a blast spending time with Mindy and Tim during their engagement session. They were a referral from another great couple, Morgan & Scott, so I knew they were going to be fun and creative. I love the way these two are together! For the session we started at their apt in LA. Just hanging around the house, playing with some cats, and painting some toenails. I loved just capturing them on a lazy morning. Then we headed out to the theatre where Tim proposed to Mindy. Hold on to your hats because this is an amazing proposal story!

Tim surprised Mindy by renting a theatre, having his and her family there, playing a movie of the two of them through the years, then ending by dropping on one knee and popping the question! WOW! So romantic. So the theatre shots are THE theatre where he popped the question. And lastly we wrapped it up with a few shots around their neighborhood. I love it when we can shoot engagement sessions in locations that are so special to the couple. So here are a few pics from the shoot, hope you enjoy. Stayed tuned in a few months for some photos of their amazing wedding that is going to take place at The Social in LA. Can’t wait!

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Chelsea Petaja, Nashville Vendor: Hair Accessories Website: Oh My Deer! About Me: "Oh, My Deer!" was born out of a love for play-on-words and getting my hands dirty. I live in Music City USA in a little loft with brick walls, concrete floors and my husband. I teach Visual Arts at a Montessori school that grows organic vegetables and composts nearly everything. It satisfies the hippie in me. I make flowers and feathers for your hair that I hope make you feel beautiful. Sometimes I make drawings and invitations for your eyes. And then that leaves everything in between that I pretend to know how to do.
About ohmydeer
I’m so pumped to finally share this good news with all of you! If you’re in Washington, be sure to pick up your copy of Seattle Metropolitan: Bride & Groom! I feel so honored to be a part of such a stunning publication. Honestly, I’d characterize this magazine as the Blueprint (R.I.P.) of wedding magazines; the fonts, the layouts,
oh my!

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Anne Ruthmann, New England Occupation: Photographer Website: Anne Ruthmann Photography About Me: Things that make me happy: old people getting crazy on the dance floor, world travel, hello hugs & goodbye kisses, cultural celebrations, acoustic live music, indie handmade crafts, cinema, environmental protection, diversity, the sound of nature, authenticity, white water rafting, discovering artists, photographing people in love. Things that bore me: bland food, celebrity gossip, negativity, fake anything, waiting in lines, egotism.
About anneruthmann


How do I love thee, let me count the ways…

I’m at such a loss for words when it comes to Megan & Eric. I feel like we’ve been friends forever, even though we only met last year. These two are amazing - together and separate. Their warmth, generosity, spirit, individuality, and creative conscious just blow me away. I feel like we’ve supported each other a lot through the last year and I hope that friendship never ever ends. If you’re interested in the amazing story of how they met and how fate intertwined their lives, check out their story on on Meg’s website.
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Princess Lasertron, Omaha Vendor: Flowers made of felt, vintage buttons and other ephemera Website: Princess Lasertron About Me: I started Princess Lasertron in 2005 creating custom bouquets out of felt, vintage buttons, and other ephemera. I give each bride an heirloom-quality piece that will bring a personal dimension to their wedding and everyday lives. What I love most is meeting and collaborating with unique women whose weddings are a true representation of them and their partners. As for me...I live nocturnally, I'm an INTP, I play Dungeons and Dragons every other Saturday, and I'm a perpetual student.
About Megan @ Princess Lasertron

Me, Dave, and my mom are helping me convert our dining room into a home office–a place to do the paperwork and packaging since that is kind of taking over my upstairs craft room. That way I can keep the “fun part” in my craft room, and get away from the bookkeeping and taxes and forms if I want to. Today my picture is from spray painting some of the vintage office stuff I picked up a few weeks ago.


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Amelia & Justin Lyon, Orange County Vendor: Photographer Website: Amelia Lyon Photography About Me: Hi, I am Amelia. I like to dance and sing my heart out in the car. My family has been in the wedding industry for 3 generations. Being the first photographer in the family, it has given me a unique perspective on how to keep things fresh and fun! Hello, I am Justin. I like to play Ping-Pong, and I too like to dance. Being a film and TV producer by trade, I am obsessed with finding the story that every image has to tell. Collectively we are wedding, portrait and music photographers. Now that we've started to tell you our story, why don't you let us capture yours?
About Amelia & Justin @ Amelia Lyon Photography

Rachel + Austin were married on July 19th, 2008 in Newport Beach at the LDS Temple. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed that we get to shoot there often (and not that we’re complaining, it’s a beautiful location), but we get super excited when a couple getting married there options to go to a second location for something unique. In Rachel + Austin’s case we went to a fun location just a few miles away from their reception that was being held at a residence in Corona. This amazing location is called Dos Lagos!!!! We had WAY too much fun working with the lines and shadows!


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Wiley Valentine, California Vendor: Invitations and Paper Products Website: Wiley Valentine About Me: Wiley Valentine is named for our artistic grandmothers, Mary Wiley and Norma Jean Valentine. Our company is 4 years old and growing strong. We specialize in invitations, stationery, and all sorts of paper delights. We love the forest, vintage books, thunder storms, butterflies, fairy tales and the smell of rain. We strive to think of our environment first when creating our paper products, and only use 100% recycled or 100% cotton papers.
About wileyvalentine

Floral Love {Part One}

January 28th, 2009 @ 9:45 am by Wiley Valentine

While I would love to say that we fill our studio with fresh flowers daily, that may not be entirely truthful. However in preparation for a photo shoot (more on that later), Emily literally filled the studio with floral arrangements. They were stunning and really creatde such a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere to work in. We are constantly inspired by florals, so I thought I would share some of the photos I took of the flowers alongside some of our floral inspired work. I got photo happy (what’s new) so this is part one. Enjoy!

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Punam Bean, New York City Vendor: Photographer Website: Punam Bean Photography About Me: Punam Bean is an international destination wedding and portrait photographer based out of New York City. She loves animals, and particularly longs for the companionship of a bulldog, in addition to that of her ever loving Husband. She eats pizza for breakfast every single day, and spends too much money on dresses. In this, her first year of business, she's booked 30 weddings all around the world, in New York City, California, Jamaica, Venezuela and Nigeria. Her images have been described as emotional, whimsical and elegant.
About punambean

A Marriage!: Mubina and Andrew

January 28th, 2009 @ 8:25 am by Punam Bean

In an expression of flirtation, Andrew passed Mubina a note during assembly. No, they were not school age, but teachers, and passing notes.

You look nice. Sort of.

Mubina laughs when she tells the story. Well, apparently, it worked, because here we all were. And I seriously could not get enough - thank you guys so much for being the reason why my job is so awesome!!

I’d been looking forward to this wedding for some time. Mubina is just one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and it wasn’t surprising that so many people were in the bridal party for this relatively small wedding. So many different people helping out, sharing memories and saying wonderful things. I was a little nervous, because we never got a chance to do an engagement session and I never had the chance to meet her Andrew until the Henna Party.

Thank you to Emma for helping me out today, and to Steve, who took some great pictures.

Hair: Stacy, Styles on B
Makeup: Laura Nadeau
Caterer: Real Food Catering (soo yummy!)
Ceremony: Central Park
Reception: The Goethe Institut (closing on Monday forever! So sad!)

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