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Kimberly Driessen, New York Vendor: Invitation Designer Website: Blue Ribbon Design About Me: I am the owner of Blue Ribbon Design, a graphic design studio in Manhattan that creates letterpress greeting cards and invitations. I specialize in vintage-inspired designs that incorporate historic details in a modern and elegant way. I love helping brides find the perfect visual motif to use throughout their wedding and especially enjoy working on events that take place at historic homes and gardens.
About Kimberly @ Blue Ribbon Design

Hello everyone! I’m Kimberly, the owner of the letterpress stationery company Blue Ribbon Design. I am so excited to be contributing to Weddingbee Pro and I can’t wait to start sharing ideas, inspiration and insight into how to select the perfect wedding stationery and get the most out of working with a designer. That said, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

Before I started Blue Ribbon, I worked at museums and galleries doing research, writing and editing for exhibition catalogues and other art-related publications. My favorite area of study was (and still is!) works on paper, and after designing my own wedding invitations I decided to combine my love of printmaking with graphic design, andvoilà, Blue Ribbon was born.

I have always loved pattern and ornament and draw inspiration from all sorts of decorative arts including textiles, package design, jewelry, and china patterns (to name a few!). I live in lower Manhattan with my husband and our dog, Oscar, and when I’m not running my business, I’m usually out and about looking for inspiration for future designs - I look forward to sharing my findings with all of you!

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Anne Ruthmann, New England Occupation: Photographer Website: Anne Ruthmann Photography About Me: Things that make me happy: old people getting crazy on the dance floor, world travel, hello hugs & goodbye kisses, cultural celebrations, acoustic live music, indie handmade crafts, cinema, environmental protection, diversity, the sound of nature, authenticity, white water rafting, discovering artists, photographing people in love. Things that bore me: bland food, celebrity gossip, negativity, fake anything, waiting in lines, egotism.
About anneruthmann

(ed’s note: This post is a continuation of Anne’s Mobile Monday series.)


This last week was kinda slow because I was really sick with a wicked flu and ended up having to cancel a lot of appointments so I wouldn’t cough all over people and gross them out. I didn’t have much of a voice the entire week, and thus didn’t feel much like venturing out too often unless I really had to. My poor husband was forced to make a few calls on my behalf and to be my translator when I sounded like I was speaking alien. If it weren’t for having a meal with the interns and needing to take Misty out, I probably wouldn’t have left the house at all. I really learned to appreciate not talking, however I still had hundreds of emails that required my fingers to do lots of walking. This week I’m happy to say that I have my voice back and I’m about 95% healthy again- just a few sniffles here and there which I’m keeping under wraps with some antihistamines. Technology also seems to be back on my side once again, so I’m looking forward to lots of productivity this week!! Woo Hoo!!

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Sabrina & Eunice Moyle, San Francisco, CA Vendor: Invitations & Stationery Website: Hello! Lucky About Me: We (sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle) started Hello!Lucky in 2003 out of Eunice's garage with a hand-cranked Vandercook printing press. Since then we've created whimsical stationery and greeting card designs for almost every occasion, including wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you notes, and a line of hilarious sock monkey cards! We love crafting, flea marketing, fashion, travel, and all things paper. We're based San Francisco with a studio in London, so we're immersed in design trends from around the world!
About Sabrina & Eunice @ Hello! Lucky

Last week we got the chance to visit Dilek Sezen, a San Francisco jewelry designer, in her Union Street studio. She recently launched an affordable wedding jewelry line that is just stunning!

Wedding pearl necklace

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Mrs. Bee, New York Age and Occupation: 29, Weddingbee Publisher Fiance's Age and Occupation: 33, Internet Engagement Date: May 7, 2004 Wedding Date: March 5, 2005 Venue: Westside Loft, New York About Me: Yes, my name really is Bee! I love my blogging, wikis, and tabasco sauce!
About Mrs. Bee @ Weddingbee PRO

E-mail Bankruptcy

March 24th, 2009 @ 3:30 pm by Mrs. Bee @ Weddingbee PRO

About 5 years ago, famed professor and writer Lawrence Lessig sent out a mass email in response to the insurmountable number of emails in his inbox.  Here’s what it said:

Dear person who sent me a yet-unanswered e-mail, I apologize, but I am declaring e-mail bankruptcy.

I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with email.  We love it because it’s so convenient.  We hate it because its convenience lends itself to overuse.  In this world of blackberries (I confess I’m addicted to mine) and iphones, we carry our inboxes with us, and they’re a constant reminder of the work we have yet to do.  

Currently I have 1885 unanswered emails in my work inbox, and I get hundreds of new emails daily.  I regularly sit and power through emails for 4-5 hours straight.  It’s not the most productive use of my time. I think if I answered every email I receive, I’d never get any work done.  Another problem with email is whenever I have to write a difficult one, it takes me much longer than it would if I’d just had a conversation with the person.  I want to make sure that I say the right thing since whoever I’m writing to will have a copy of my email to read or forward on for all eternity. :)

We currently use gmail for business to power Weddingbee’s email.  As soon as I respond to an email, or decide not to respond to an email at all, I label it and archive it so that it’s out of my inbox. I tend to answer emails as they come in throughout the day if I have time, and then power through a bunch in the evenings or on the weekends. I have yet to figure out a system that enables me to respond to everyone I need to in a timely manner, and doesn’t take up large chunks of my day.  

What systems do you use to manage your email?  Are you ever overwhelmed by the volume of email you receive and want to declare email bankruptcy?

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Kristin Brancaleone, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Vendor: Floral Designer Website: The Treasured Petal About Me: The Treasured Petal is a reflection of my love for scrumptious flowers, yummy textures, colors, ribbons, and all the other girly splurges that being a florist allows me to enjoy on a daily basis. Although I don't discriminate when it comes to flowers, my two favorites would have to be cattleya orchids and gloriosa lilies, which I carried in a ginormous bouquet on my wedding day. When I'm not crafting wedding florals and consulting with brides, I am usually at the dog park with my dogs Pesto and Basil, cooking healthy vegan dinners, watching Seinfeld with my husband Joe, at Bible study, or scouring craigslist for antique furniture to fill up my new house. I am also kind of a home-body and really love sipping tea in my pajamas while working my way down my google reader blog list!
About thetreasuredpetal

Red, Wine, and Blue!

March 24th, 2009 @ 2:36 pm by Kristin @ The Treasured Petal

My meeting with Nichole and Kerrie Underhill was one of the most fun consults ever. We laughed, we gushed, we brainstormed…and the vision for this energetic wedding emerged. Nichole wanted her florals to be voluptuous, dramatic and modern, with lots of sparkle. I loved how Nichole was willing to take risks with her florals and color palette.

Special thanks to Kerrie and her sweet assistants. Setting up all the intricate details for this wedding was not an easy task, and the Platinum Weddings gals were so eager to help us out along the way. You rock!

Extra special thanks to my amazing TPetal helpers (Shana, Deb, and my lovely sis) who, with superhuman strength, hoisted 70 pound arrangements onto the tables, snapped the heads off of over 1000 roses, poured enough blue water to fill a swimming pool, and came back at midnight to clean it all up. I adore you guys!

I am so excited to share Nichole and Mike’s wedding with you. When I saw Amy Squire’s blog post this morning, my jaw dropped. They captured this wedding so fabulously. Check out their blog post for the full scoop!


Meet the beautiful couple! I love how Amy Squires found so many cool backdrops at the Huntington Beach Hyatt.

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Punam Bean, New York City Vendor: Photographer Website: Punam Bean Photography About Me: Punam Bean is an international destination wedding and portrait photographer based out of New York City. She loves animals, and particularly longs for the companionship of a bulldog, in addition to that of her ever loving Husband. She eats pizza for breakfast every single day, and spends too much money on dresses. In this, her first year of business, she's booked 30 weddings all around the world, in New York City, California, Jamaica, Venezuela and Nigeria. Her images have been described as emotional, whimsical and elegant.
About punambean

Lesley and Jason, a Marriage!

March 24th, 2009 @ 1:43 pm by Punam Bean


I’m so excited to have finally started my year. Whew! And there was no better amazing couple to celebrate and kick off my sophomore year in wedding photography high school!

Lesley and Jason, are a lovely, warm, funny, amazing couple. It’s so obvious that they complete each other, and everyone who raised a glass, did to that notion. And so freaking stylish!! Lesley wore one the most beautiful Jenny Packham dresses I’ve EVER seen, and Jason made a light fixture out of spoons for the reception! Plus, it was at one of my favorite venues in New York City, The Foundry. In my very own home town of Long Island City. And the delightful Susan (from Susan and David) was wonderful company and was kind enough to carry my stuff around while I make pictures!

Off to Africa, we are, and soon!
Lesley and Jason

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Llubav Choy Duerr, Brooklyn Vendor: Accessories Designer Website: Llubav Co. About Me: Combining my personal aesthetic of art as a visual feast, a background in textile design, and a love for fashion, I created Llubav Co. with the aim of brightening up your day. I use Hungarian wool felt, American wool, linen, filigree, and vintage embellishments to produce ring pillows, stationery and fashion accessories that are as unique, vibrant and colorful as my Latin American upbringing. I live and create in Brooklyn, and I have two beautiful guys in my life -- my husband Chris and our baby son Mikus.
About Llubav

A Festive Handmade Wedding

March 24th, 2009 @ 12:35 pm by Llubav

My friends Kristen and Josh got married in beautiful Athens, Georgia last summer in a fantastic brick house with a lovely garden. The house was so amazing! It looked like it came out of a page from the magazine “World of Interiors.” I had been there before to do a photo shoot while working at hable and wanted to move in right away.  When Kristen told me her wedding was going to take place there and mentioned all the wonderful decorations she and her friends where making for the occasion, I just knew it was going to be the prettiest celebration, Southern style!

When I got her invitation, I fell over -it was the cutest thing, and she designed it all herself! I’m all about handmade goods with lots of personality. It came in a handmade craft-paper envelope stitched with color thread along the edges. Party flags, birds and a tree-of-life were some of the details on the 10 1/2 x 16 1/2 folded poster. The colors where light and dark blue, golden yellow, brown, watermelon, olive, and avocado to name a few -very festive. I made the bird and party flags idea the main focus on the pillow and put the bird close to the center so it looks like its beak is holding the rings. I added a few beads on the bird’s tale for some sparkle and stitched some stars here and there with gold metallic thread. It turned out lovely.

bird pillow

Pillow in action (photo by  rinne allen)

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Laura @ Laura Hooper Calligraphy's Picture
Laura Hooper, Northridge, CA Vendor: Calligraphy Website: Laura Hooper Calligraphy About Me: I've been practicing the art of calligraphy since the age of 12 and nothing gives me more pleasure than waking up each morning knowing I get to do what I do each day. I love having the ability to infuse my own personal style into each of my bride's special day. When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading and painting; but most of the time I don't consider calligraphy to be work at all!
About Laura @ Laura Hooper Calligraphy

A Wedding in Maine, Anyone?

March 24th, 2009 @ 11:37 am by laurahooper


How could I resist posting this map for a wedding in Islesboro Maine? It was a destination wedding for my lovely client Gina and her fiance Christopher, that took place on this small island off the coast of mainland Maine.  It’s a land of lobsters and fishermen, and the map displays it all. The gals got beautified at the Cutting Edge Salon while the men sailed around Penobscot Bay on the Schooner Olan, depicted in Camden Harbor.

Since the wedding took place over 4th of July weekend, how could the map be complete without a display of fireworks? This couture designer map is the perfect addition to an invitation set or a welcome basket!

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Wiley Valentine, California Vendor: Invitations and Paper Products Website: Wiley Valentine About Me: Wiley Valentine is named for our artistic grandmothers, Mary Wiley and Norma Jean Valentine. Our company is 4 years old and growing strong. We specialize in invitations, stationery, and all sorts of paper delights. We love the forest, vintage books, thunder storms, butterflies, fairy tales and the smell of rain. We strive to think of our environment first when creating our paper products, and only use 100% recycled or 100% cotton papers.
About wileyvalentine

I have to start this post by saying thank you thank you thank you to Emily at Once Wed….not only is Once Wed my new blog obsession, but it also led me to my favorite wedding of all time from MS Weddings. We have been scouring our back issues of Martha Stewart Weddings trying to locate that wedding again and we have never been able to find it. I had forgotten all about it until I stumbled across the Big Sur wedding featured over at Once Wed, which took it’s inspirations from the infamous MS Wedding (Lena and Joshua).


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Jerry Yoon, San Francisco Vendor: Photographer Website: Jerry Yoon Photography About Me: Gone are the days of being stuck with boring wedding photography, where everyone and everything looks like the same old photographer took it. We're not here to please your mom. We want to rock your socks off with imagery that explodes off the page and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. We're inspired by who you are and not what others think you should be. Playwright, architect, nuclear scientist, tax man, dance machine, burly construction man, blog stalker. We take them all. Can't wait to jump into the pool together and make something your kindergarten teacher would be proud of!
About jerryyoon

We’ve known Cindy and David separately for many years. During their engagement shoot, Dave reminded me of one time in college, when I messaged him a picture of an alarming piece of doo-doo that I had run into online. I still don’t remember why I did that, but that (among other things) has earned me the nickname “i-poop.” Jerry met David about 9 years ago when he was still in high school! Now we have all graduated, and Dave is on his way to becoming a pastor and marrying the most loving person I know!

While shooting one of our first weddings, Cindy broke the news to us that they had begun dating. Our eyeballs almost flew out! I remember that she was so happy, she was visibly glowing. For some reason it had never occurred to us before that they would get together.  Now that we know them as a couple, they complement each other so well that I can’t imagine them apart.


They are constantly making each other laugh.   We wandered around San Francisco for a little while looking for cool places to shoot.


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