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Mrs. Bee, New York Age and Occupation: 29, Weddingbee Publisher Fiance's Age and Occupation: 33, Internet Engagement Date: May 7, 2004 Wedding Date: March 5, 2005 Venue: Westside Loft, New York About Me: Yes, my name really is Bee! I love my blogging, wikis, and tabasco sauce!
About Mrs. Bee @ Weddingbee PRO

I started Weddingbee and Weddingbee PRO because I felt like brides could use honest, personal feedback about the wedding industry…  and I felt like wedding magazines just weren’t doing the trick.  There’s something about blogging that’s just honest and personal.

I just want to clarify: we at Weddingbee PRO would never do anything to jeopordize the editorial integrity of the site. We’ve received many offers for “pay for play” advertising, where advertisers would pay us to write positive reviews of their products.  We turn them all down, because that would totally violate the founding premise of our sister site, Weddingbee.

The PROS that write for the site are equally scrupulous.  Our PROS are all volunteers, giving their time freely to share their honest and real thoughts with the community.  But I totally understand that not everyone is familiar with Weddingbee’s origins as a personal blog, and our focus on integrity and honesty. 

I know most of you already know that we really value integrity here at Weddingbee… but we do get occasional questions about this, and I think it’s important to let new readers know where we stand. 

Mrs. Bee

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