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Mrs. Bee @ Weddingbee PRO's Picture
Mrs. Bee, New York Age and Occupation: 29, Weddingbee Publisher Fiance's Age and Occupation: 33, Internet Engagement Date: May 7, 2004 Wedding Date: March 5, 2005 Venue: Westside Loft, New York About Me: Yes, my name really is Bee! I love my blogging, wikis, and tabasco sauce!
About Mrs. Bee @ Weddingbee PRO

What is Weddingbee PRO?

Weddingbee PRO is a blog updated daily by real wedding vendors across the US.  They share their ideas, inspirations, current work, and provide us with a behind the scenes look at life as a wedding vendor.  By following these talented vendors’ blogs, we hope to help you plan your own wedding, while inspiring you daily!

How is Weddingbee PRO different from Weddingbee?

We created Weddingbee because we wanted to bring you real planning adventures from real brides.  Over the years wedding vendors approached us about blogging on Weddingbee, but we always thought that it was best to keep bride and vendor bloggers separate.  But vendors have so much expertise and inspiration to share, as well as some of the most gorgeous blogs out there.  So the next logical step was to launch a site specifically for wedding vendors - that’s how Weddingbee PRO came about!

Who are the PROS?

The PROS are a very select group of the most talented, innovative, up and coming wedding vendors in the industry today.

You can get to know a little more about each PRO by mousing over their profile picture.  A mini profile will pop up showing their profession, website, and a little about me blurb.

What is a tag?

Tags are what we use to organize posts into categories.  Most posts on Weddingbee PRO usually have at least two tags:

  • a city tag like New York, Los Angeles, etc. to identify the city of the blogger
  • a category tag to help organize and classify the post (eg wedding dress, honeymoon, invitations, etc.)

You can find tags at the bottom of each post.  There is also a “tags” link in the title bar of the middle column.  If you mouse over the word “tags,” a small cloud of the most popular tags will appear.  Clicking on “tags” will take you to a page that lists all tags.

How can I become a PRO?

You can apply by filling out an application here

Why doesn’t my comment appear?

Comments that are long or contain more than one link automatically go into moderation.  But often our spam filter arbitrarily sends some comments into moderation.  We clear our moderation queue many times throughout the day so you should see it appear on the site within the hour.  If you don’t see your comment after an hour, please email us at help at

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